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Scavenger University is the fun and educational place to learn how to find the perfect bargain, sell it using your own personal unique brand and set up an online business that will allow you to set your own hours while earning the income you desire.

You're in the right place if...

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    you love finding bargains at garage sales or thrift stores 
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    you'd like to know how easy online selling can be with the right direction
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    you're not sure how to be profitable in the online selling space
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    you don't know how to get started
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    you want to supplement your income, downsize your living space or set your own hours

ScavengerU is the place to find out...

What to Buy

If you're like most people, you love the thrill of a bargain!  Especially when you can take it home and either treasure it, or sell it online.  But not every bargain item will sell for what you might think it will.  If you've ever been through lowering prices to rock bottom to move an item that's been in your shop too long, you have to take a step back and ask if you're buying the right products.. By knowing from the start, you will have a healthy profitable business in your future. 

How to Sell

Not only will you learn what is currently selling at higher prices, but I've also included a chart showing the difference between platforms so you can make an educated decision on where to start. . If you love to create handmade items, then Etsy is your first home.  If you are adventurous and have some money to invest, then Amazon might be a great place to start.  If you like selling everything but the kitchen sink, then eBay is for you.  There are other avenues of sales, including setting up your own shop.  So let's see what's right for you.  

Where to Sell

From branding to product descriptions, customer service and photography, you're covered.  ScavengerU is the place to ask lots of questions and learn everything about marketing, branding and ultimately growing your business.  So many online sellers have told me that they work hard for very little profit, and that can change!

Already selling online and profits just aren't where they need to be?
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Hi there wonderful sellers and wannabe sellers! Julie here. This is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I have been selling online since the dawn of time (or at least the late '90s) when I became fascinated by the potential of eBay when it first opened.  I was a single full-time working mother of two young kids, one with special needs. So our budget was always tight and there were months that I wasn't sure we were going to have enough money to cover the bills.  I've always been a very strong believer that both men and women should be producing income to support the family equally, so once I was left as the sole provider to two children with one income, I knew I had to work either twice as hard or twice as smart. There was daycare to pay, doctor bills, braces to put on, drill team uniforms to buy ($700 - are you kidding me?), and here and there we liked to take a few vacations, too. 

Once I started selling items I no longer needed and making a small income, my thirst to expand and make a greater supplemental income had me studying products and performance all hours of the night while the kids were sleeping.  Because of the eBay experience I searched for more avenues with different audiences such as Etsy, Amazon, and even local and worldwide auctions.  This expansion soon helped me to bring in consistent revenue, enough to build a beautiful new home for my children and pay off all the bills. I still sell on 4 online platforms and am now private labeling my own products to sell on both Amazon and eBay.

I can help you to sell products online.  Whatever you think that might look like - arbitrage, antiques, hand made, private label - there are items to watch for that sell faster and more profitable than others.  It's my job to help you become successful. My wish for you is that you realize your dreams and passions while making enough money to stop worrying about bills, take a vacation, build your dream house or turn your profits into enough income to run your own business on your own terms.  A sincere thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope I'll see you virtually real soon!


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